Traditional + Modern Techniques = Healthy, Hardy Stock

Root Control Bags

Our fabric containers promote root pruning which produces healthier plants that rejuvenate faster after being re-planted. Not only can you expect more plants to survive, they will also begin to re-grow much quicker as a result of being bag-grown.

High Caliper’s Root Control Bag allows us to ship 50-250 trees per load. What does that mean for you? We’re able to ship more per load and can also pool loads for customers which reduces your freight cost per tree.

The bag also allows us to harvest and have ready to ship 400-500 trees per day. We are able to accomplish this using 3 skid steers and an overall crew of 7-8 people.


Keeps 80% of the roots intact during harvesting



Drip Irrigation and Weed Barrier

The use of drip irrigation allows us to get maximum efficiency out of our limited water resources. Our fields are divided into zones, similar to a residential sprinkler system, that are automated based on the day of the week and time of day. Automated watering is very cost and water efficient. We check the system throughout the day to ensure our crop is getting evenly watered and the correct amount of water.

Weed barriers provide several benefits to our growing operation. Most critically, it helps in moisture retention which is critical in our semi-arid climate – our zones are watered twice a week throughout the summer. It also provides a weed/vegetation-free area around the rootball area without the need for the application of pre-emergent herbicides.

Specialty Equipment

We use special equipment that creates many efficiencies. By using Nursery Jaws on nearly all of our trees, it makes the first tree just as heavy as the last tree and allows us to handle 2-3 trees at a time. In order to get the trees out of the field and up to the wrapping and basket area we use a crawler carrier and this lets us haul 12-20 trees at a time out of the field.

When placing the growbags into the ground, we use a custom skid steer attachment that we developed. It’s an auger inside a piece of pipe that allows the field soil to stay contained within it while digging the hole. This results in very little shovel work and saves time. We’re able to put 400-500 bags/day into the ground with three people. We also developed a specialized weed barrier laying machine that attaches to our bulldozer. It allows us to lay the barrier with a limited amount of stakes as well as reduce the required labor.

We would love to meet you

We encourage customers to visit our farm. We would love to show you what we do and how we do it.