About Us

Our Nursery

We planted the first trees in the fall of 1989 as a part time venture near our home. After purchasing the initial 24 acres in 1991, White River Trees began to grow. In 1994, we added an adjoining 44 acres and put the entire plantable property in production. An additional 78 acres became available in the summer of 2008 and we added it to increase our production and broaden our product line to better serve our customers.

In 2017 our daughter Kelly and son-in-law Matt Scott purchased the nursery and look forward to continuing to produce a high quality product for our existing and potential new customers. 

What We Do

Operating on almost 150 acres, drip irrigation is provided from a spring along the White River. Trees are planted as small seedlings into a root control grow bag. The trees will remain in this bag until planted by the final consumer. The grow bag effectively contains the root system so when the tree is dug it experiences minimal stress. Fabric weed barrier is laid down each row of trees for weed control and mostiure retention. After four to ten years of growth, depending on the species, the trees are harvested in their grow bags with a tree spade. The root balls are stretch-wrapped to help retain moisture and then a wire basket is put on the outside of the root ball to enable easier handling for loading and delivering to the retailer.