White River Trees

Specializing in Premium Quality Aspen

We’ve been growing premium Aspen trees for 30 years.

High Country Hardy

We grow our stock in the Central Rocky Mountains at over 6,200′ elevation. Our quality, high altitude trees will withstand any harsh environment.

Wholesale Grower

From New Mexico to Canada we’ve served nurseries and landscapers in the central Rocky Mountain region.

Use the Latest Technologies

Modern technology, including root control bags, drip irrigation, weed barrier, and precise fertilization, helps us raise the bar for quality Aspen stock.

Traditional + Modern

We combine a traditional farming approach with modern planting techniques. Follow our process from Fall preparation to Spring harvesting to delivery.

30 Years of Experience

White River Trees started out as a part-time venture. It’s turned into a full-time multi-generational operation.

Our Approach Saves You Money

The planting technique we use produces a root ball 50% lighter than trees planted the standard way, saving you money. We deliver the majority of our product on our own trucks. This allows us to easily pool loads and not depend on contract haulers to ship our product.

We would love to meet you

We encourage all potential and current customers to visit our farm. We would love to show you what we do and how we do it.